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The RCPTM CATRIN UP Olomouc research center hosted the 12th annual Czech Passive Components and Sensors Workshop on April 4th and 5th, 2024. This two-day event, organized by the EPCI European Passive Components Institute, brought together industry professionals from various backgrounds, including large corporations, small businesses, research institutions, universities, and trade agencies.


The workshop’s central theme, „Power Conversion, Semiconductor Development, and Their Impact on Passive Components & Sensors,“ was explored in keynote speeches delivered by representatives from onsemi and EPCI. Over 36 attendees from across the Czech Republic gained valuable insights into the capabilities of the host organization, RCPTM, and its latest advancements in graphene-based materials, particularly graphene supercapacitors.


Additionally, ESA brokers from the Technology Center presented information on available incentive programs designed to support the application of space technologies. The final day of the workshop concluded with a lab tour, allowing participants to experience RCPTM’s facilities firsthand.


These workshops serve as a valuable platform for industry professionals to discuss current trends, exchange knowledge, and explore new opportunities within the field of passive components and sensors. The casual working environment fosters strong networking connections and encourages the exchange of innovative ideas.